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Rent It/Queue It Picks

Rent It: The Young Victoria (PG, 2009). Trapped in her monarchical life (and familial obligations), the young English queen finds solace and companionship in the charming Prince Albert. Yes the clothes are beautiful, but this costume drama should be seen for its vibrant depiction of one of history’s greatest love stories—stunningly depicted in nuanced performances from Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend. My Grade: B+

Queue It: Dick (PG-13, 1999). Long before Spider-Man and Brokeback Mountain, Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams starred in this irreverent comedy about two high school girls who become Nixon’s official White House dog walkers … but then see too much. To this day, every time I hear “I Honestly Love You,” I always think about this sweet, wacky movie. My Grade: B-