Philadelphia’s Best Beer Bars

Put down the pinot — Philly’s in the midst of a full-fledged beer moment. Here are our favorite bars to indulge in

We could go on and on about how in 16-hundred-whatever, what’s-his-face opened America’s first brewery somewhere in Philadelphia, cementing our status as the best beer city in the country. But we’d much rather talk about now, and how we’re in the grip of a craft beer movement. All over the region, bars are reconfiguring their taps to serve craft and micro beers; restaurants are starting to care as much about grains as they do grapes; keg tappings are dictating people’s Saturday nights; women are dragging their kids to mommy-and-me beer happy hours; and Beer Week (this year from June 4th-13th) has become a world-renowned event. We aren’t just responding to a national trend; we’re creating it. So ask for a Philly Pale Ale instead of another Coors Light, and we promise, you’ll never have to drink swill again.

The Best Bars for American Craft Ales

The Best Bars for International Brews

The Best Bars for Local Taps

The Best Bars for Special Deals

The Best Bars for Education & Events

The Best Bars for Unusual Finds