Web Commenters Told Rt. 422 Road Rage Shooter to Kill Himself

John Yannarell committed suicide yesterday. In other headlines: The Eagles draft pick, John Timoney, US Airways and more

Ray Didnger: Did the Eagles Blow It? R Diddy says the Birds should have picked a safety or a different defensive end in last night’s NFL draft. NFL Fanhouse agrees, giving the pick of Brandon Graham a C-. [CSNPhilly, NFL Fanhouse]

Road Rage Shooter Was Told: “Kill Yourself.” NBC Philadelphia reports that commenters on John Yannarell’s dating blog suggested in recent weeks that he take his own life. Yannarell was found dead in his home yesterday, following an apparent suicide. [NBCPhiladelphia, Inquirer]

John Timoney Writes A Book. Philly’s former top cop has lots to say about Philly, including this: “Rendell single-handedly revitalized the city. He had boundless energy and a temper to fit. But he was a genuinely funny guy and the world’s biggest practical joker.” [Daily News]

Mayor Nutter Meets Bradley Cooper on Set of Dark Fields. Um, that’s really the whole item from Dan Gross, so you probably don’t need to bother clicking the link. [Daily News]

US Airways and United End Merger Talks. United now looking to hook up with Continental. [Wall Street Journal]

New Proposal to Sell the Pa. Liquor Control Board. A GOP state legislator says it’s time to try again. [Pittsburgh Post Gazette]