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Yea for Earth Day and the Eagles! Boo for politics!

Speeches and gatherings are so Earth Day 1970. We think we walked by our 2,546,322nd piece of Philly litter on our way to work today, only to arrive and find this data alleging this city’s not as trashy as we think.

Whew. It’s drafty in here! All caught up in NFL fever? Our video of the day offers one young man’s draft suggestions and an Eagles season preview. Do you think Donovan will get a standing O when he comes back this fall? (Um, we don’t.)

Can Joe Biden rescue Joe Sestak? Remember your sigh of relief when the political ads stopped running after the last 3.5-year presidential campaign? Well, now there’s a fresh round of elections and those annoying commercials are back. The latest sniping is akin to schoolyard bullying and tattling. PA2010 has a story about how Joe told on Arlen.