The Friday Movie Blog: The Tuesday Edition

Rent It/Queue It Picks

Hi everyone! Starting today, I’ll be posting my Rent It suggestions on Tuesdays, when new DVDs are released. I know, how industry of me. And since you’re already trolling through Netflix, I’ll suggest an older movie for you to add to your queue too. (After today, we’ll call this post The Tuesday Movie Blog because today’s title will only be funny once. If that.) And please, send me your movie suggestions (both obscure and mainstream). I’ve seen a lot but am always looking for something new!

Rent It: Avatar (R, 2009). Already fluent in Klingon and Elvish? Well now’s your chance to master Na’vi—and finally understand what the hell James Cameron said in his Golden Globe acceptance speech. [Note: Since it’s super extra fancy, Avatar will be released on DVD & Blu-ray on Thursday, April 22nd.] Grade: A-

Queue It: The Best of Youth (R, 2003). It’s amazing that this movie, which is easily one of the best films released in the last 10 years, wasn’t even made for the theaters—it originally aired on Italian television. While the running time is long (nearly six hours), do not let that deter you from watching a truly powerful and epic tour de force. Grade: A+