US Airways Won’t Charge for Carry-Ons

Plus: A new Art Museum chair, Specter's trash talk, Lower Merion's new parking meters, and more of what Philly's talking about this morning

US Airways: No Fee for Carry-Ons. Philly’s biggest carrier (and four other big airlines) refuse to follow Spirit’s lead and start charging for carry-ons. Good job, US Air, it almost makes us think you don’t suck. []

Connie Williams Replaces Gerry Lenfest at Art Museum. Former state legislator becomes board chair; Lenfest becomes chairman emeritus. [Business Journal]

Specter to GOP on Supreme Court Nominee: “Bring It On”. Jeez, 13 months ago he was a Republican; now he’s taunting them like it’s a pickup basketball game. What’s next, Arlen? In yo’ face, McConnell! [WDUQ]

Rendell: Media Blows Tea Party Out of Proportion. Tells NBC’s David Gregory a puppy protection rally would get more supporters. [The Raw Story]

Goodbye, Jamison Uhler. NBC10 reporter goes to Tampa. [The Insider]

Phillies Tries to Make Amends to Vomitee Family. They’ll get free tix to a game and a players’-eye view of batting practice. Meanwhile, puker boy’s uncle says he’s a good kid who “accidentally” vomited. [NBC10, Morning Call]

Lower Merion Mulls New Parking Meters. But they’ve ruled out Philly-style parking kiosks. Hoozah! [Main Line Times]

Donovan McNabb, Redskin. DN blog has a report on Five’s first full minicamp with the team. Teammate: He has “something to prove.” [Eagletarian]