The Phillies: 9 Bars for 9 Innings

Home or away, our roundup of the best spots to catch a game

The windup: Don’t let the naughty moniker fool you: The bar’s actually named for the former co-owner’s yacht.

The pitch: A sailcloth-paneled ceiling, dark woods, and a 37-foot zinc-topped bar give the place a laid-back Caribbean vibe, but come game time, it gets crowded and electric. A phenomenal beer list augments multiple TVs, but the real star comes on those warm summer nights, when a big-ass flat-screen is plopped on the sidewalk for alfresco rooting (or nail-biting, if Lidge is pitching).
1511 Locust Street, 215-732-5797.

Fireside Bar and Grille
The windup: Expansive suburban spot (17 flat-screens) with a hopping bar stacked with daily specials (free pizza during happy hour!).

The pitch: While relatively new on the scene, this family-owned spot is airplane-hangar big, so you can usually grab a stool even during playoffs. While the drink specials and brick-oven pizza draw justifiable raves, the star is Mike’s Bacon Cheese Fries.
1211 South Bethlehem Pike, Ambler, 215-643-6540.

Chickie’s & Pete’s (the original)
The windup: It’s blue-collar Cheers, tucked on a corner in Mayfair. But instead of Sam, Diane and Coach, imagine you’re with people who work part-time in the deli department at the “Acka-me.” Hiya, hon!

The pitch: Yes, it’s cramped. Yes, it’s loud. And yes, for God’s sake, it’s the Northeast. But there’s something relentlessly authentic about its intimate corner-bar vibe, and the wings kick ass.
4010 Robbins Avenue, 215-338-3060.

Lucky Strikes
The windup: Flattering recessed lighting, comfy lounges and a cocktail-shaker feel bring in the beautiful and those who wish they were, for bowling and billiards. Ralph Kramden’s bowling alley this is not.

The pitch: It’s pricey, but its fizzy élan is a tonic for those who crave a little cozy glamour with their extra innings. And you can work off those cocktails afterwards by throwing a few frames. Now: Who wants another White Russian?
1336 Chestnut Street, 215-545-2471.

Great American Pub
The windup: It feels more like the west of Ireland than greatly American, but that’s what you get with 15 beers on tap. (Pour me a Hoegaarden!)

The pitch: Comfort food includes cheese-steak spring rolls and Kobe beef sliders, all munchable from a sea of tables positioned to catch the action on multiple flat-screens. The horseshoe bar in the Wayne locale is smaller than the one in Conshy, but either cheering section will leave you hoarse (and hydrated). Bonus: Cozy private rooms at the Conshy location, in case you want to gather the clan for a playoff party.
123 Fayette Street, Conshohocken, 610-940-0540, and 4 West Avenue, Wayne, 610-964-9535.

The windup: Quintessential South Philly tavern. Wear your wife-beater.

The pitch: This converted corner rowhome feels like a Jersey Shore place; you half expect to see The Boss walk in and toss his keys and smokes on the bar. Prices are cheap, the roast pork sandwiches rock, and it’s considered perfectly good manners to bean the idiot wearing the Mets jersey with a french fry. Bonus: Shouting distance from the ballpark (and there’s lots of shouting going on here), so easy access to impromptu street celebrations. Bring on Pennant 3.0!
1621 Packer Avenue, 215-271-5220.

The Piazza At Schmidts
The windup: The feeling of watching the game in a ballpark, without actually being in a ballpark.

The pitch: No matter what you think of Bart Blatstein’s open-air NoLibs fortress (Rome-inspired town square? Or ode to the Kremlin?), on a warm night, staring at the Fightin’s on a 400-square-foot high-def screen hung from the side of a building, snarfing a dog (free on Tuesdays) and a pint from the adjacent Swift Half Pub … it’s almost enough to make you not care whether they win. Almost.
1050 North Hancock Street,;
Swift Half Pub, 1001 North 2nd Street, 215-923-4600.

The Grog
The windup: Packed with college kids. If you like your Phils game to feel like a St. Joe’s-’Nova game, this is your place.

The pitch: The Grog burger is justifiably famous, but secondary to the atmosphere, which is that of a decidedly rowdy (though still Main Line-y) pep rally. There’s lots of high-fiving among the sweatshirted Skips, Chips and Biffs — but how many places can you go to both catch the Phils and relive your college days?
863 West Lancaster Avenue, Bryn Mawr, 610-527-5870.