Tuesday Night TV Smackdown

What will you watch tonight? Lost or Glee?

I have a very serious problem. It actually woke me up in the middle of the night, and I laid there, stressing, for, like, 14 minutes. And still…STILL…I don’t know what to do.

I’m going to be out tonight until about 9:45 p.m. at an event I can’t cancel (though I considered it at around Minute Three of my crisis-level wake-up call last night, which only subsided after two Tylenol PMs, FYI). I have one DVR. So what is a mother-of-two-who-looks-forward-to-Tuesday-nights-so-obsessively-you’d-think-Bradley-Cooper-must-frequently-stop-by-for-98-percent-fat-free-popcorn-and-a-spot-on-the-sectional to do?

Record Lost?

Or record Glee?[SIGNUP]

I mean, Lost is like guaranteed-sci-fi-mom-porn anymore, and I can’t tell who is evil and who isn’t evil, and Desmond is back, which is the best…thing…ever, brotha’. Plus, if I miss it, everyone and their brotha’ will totally ruin it on Facebook tomorrow, because no one knows the value of typing “spoiler alert,” which means I’ll have to avoid Facebook, which means I’ll never know if my friend got the house he’s been in a bidding war on, because Hell knows he’ll never even think to call me.

But Glee is new! It’s back! It’s like the second coming to this former high school theater geek who used to think it was cool to have friends over to listen to the soundtrack of Man of La Mancha. If I miss it, I feel like I’ll be kicked out of the unofficial Glee fan club (honchoed, you should know, by the guy bidding on the house). And I still won’t be able to go on Facebook tomorrow because the Glee Fan Page will practically post the entire show in minute-and-a-half clips all day long. Irritaaaaating.

And the worst part is this: my anxiety over this issue is screaming one word to the world: “Nerd!” Loves the sci-fi show that has sparked conversations with friends, which involve Nietzsche’s relationship to black smoke monsters? “Nerd!” Loves the show about a high school glee club to the point where she actually squeals when
someone breaks into a Barbra Streisand song? “Nerd!”

But what am I going to do?