Pulse: Chatter: Shades of Green: How Glamorously Green Are You?

At the Bryn Mawr Starbucks, I order my skinny latte:
1. On the cell, waiting for a parking spot.
2. To go.
3. Served in my travel cup.

To go to see the Phils this season, we’ll …
1. Drive separately. Meet in the Diamond Club.
2. Fill the Escalade with maximum passengers.
3. Channel Sarah Jessica Parker—hop the Broad Street Line.

Bottled water:
1. Does it come any
other way?
2. Only at Wawa.
3. Hasn’t appeared in my house since we installed the filtration system.

Bicycles remind me of:
1. Tattooed messengers.
2. Cruising around Avalon.
3. My daily commute.

Vintage is …
1. For wine.
2. Okay if it’s heirloom.
3. Better than Marc Jacobs.

1. At the Palm, at Union Trust, at Capital Grille, at Barclay …  
2. From the grass-fed beef section of the new Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting.
3. Gross! I’m vegan.

Add up the numbers of your answers. Score of 6-9: Purple. You’re so far from green, you’re its opposite. Score of 10-14: Chartreuse. Getting there, but still a little more yellow than grass-hued. Score of 15-18: Kelly! Pat yourself on the back of your Loomstate tunic. You’re as green as it gets!