Obama Picks ’Nova for the Final Four

Plus: Camille departs, Pittsburgh's mayor loves the soda tax, Lenny Dykstra gets even dumber, and more of what Philly is chattering about this morning

Camille Barnett Steps Down. Does this mark a new day, new way for the Nutter administration? [Inky, DN]

Phillies Stop Season Ticket Sales. The Fightin’s are already guaranteed 3 million in attendance. Remember that football team we used to have around here? [Business Journal]

Soda Tax? Great Idea! Pittsburgh’s mayor hops on the bandwagon. [philly.com]

Soda Tax? Terrible Idea. City council holds hearing. [Inky]

Bad News for Congressional Candidate Doug Pike. Unendorsed by state rep Josh Shapiro. We didn’t know you could do that. [PoliticsPA]

Lenny Dykstra Used to Be Stupid and Amusing. Now He’s Stupid and Annoying. Nails whines about being the victim of “predatory lending.” [Yahoo Sports]

Obama: ‘Nova’s in My Final Four. Not so much love for Temple. [700 Level]