Jack Kelly Won’t Be at Plough & Stars. But He Will Be at Tir Na Nog. Then Mace’s Crossing. Then Finnegan’s Wake. Then …

Where your favorite Philadelphians will be spending St. Patrick's Day

I was going to put together a list of St. Paddy’s Day events for you, but then I got to thinking: you’re either going to go to one of the usual suspects, i.e. McFadden’s, the Bards, Fergie’s, McGillin’s, or you’re just going to go to your normal bar and drink a little more than usual. So instead, I thought I would put in a few calls to see what some of our favorite Philadelphians are doing on this revelrous occasion.

Bob Brady, Congressman
“What am I doing on St. Paddy’s Day? [snickers] I’m probably going to be down here in Washington voting on health care.”

Casey Hughes, Flying Fish brewmaster
“I’m gonna have a Firkin of Exit 16 at Standard Tap, and we’ll be tapping that at 6. After that, I think we’re going by Swift Half and then maybe to P.Y.T. For a burger.” [SIGNUP]

Arthur Kade, Legend
“I’ll be partying, I am sure. Not anywhere in particular. But safe to say I’ll be in Rittenhouse Square drinking a Stoli-O club with a splash of pineapple.”

Arthur Etchells, Foobooz blogger
“I will probably do what I typically do on St. Paddy’s Day, which is head to a Mexican bar. I think it’s a good night to try the new menu at Xochitl. Although on Cinco de Mayo, I will go to an Irish bar, just to maintain some balance in the world.”

Jack Kelly, Councilman-at-Large
“Well, I was supposed to go to Judge Jimmy Lynn’s Irish breakfast at the Plough and the Stars. But I can’t make that, because I have hearings on the sugar tax and trash fees. After that, we’ll probably go for lunch at Tir Na Nog, and then from there, Mace’s Crossing and a couple of other Irish bars. And then probably wind up at Finnegan’s Wake. That’s the last spot… Usually, I drink Harp beer, but I’ll probably succumb to Guinness. And I may have a Tullamore Dew or two. But don’t worry. I have a driver.”

Sharon Pinkenson, Philadelphia Film Office
“I honestly have no idea. [pause] I guess I’ll go over to the Boathouse Row Bar in the Rittenhouse. That’s usually what I do. I don’t know if they’re having a St. Paddy’s thing or not, but that’s usually where I go. I buy a bunch of drink tickets and then don’t have anything to drink. Well, maybe one.”

Dan Gross, Daily News gossip columnist
“Do you mean am I engaging in any deliberately Irish or beer-themed events? I am not. I don’t believe I have anything green in my wardrobe. I had one t-shirt that was green but it got paint splattered when I was painting my last apartment. I’m going to inadvertently look like I’m protesting. But I am a big fan of the whole Leprechaun series of films, including but not limited to Leprechaun In Space and Leprechaun In The Hood, in which Ice-T co-starred. Well, he appeared in it. Co-star might be a bit strong.

Fran Dunphy, Temple men’s basketball coach
“I’m heading to Jacksonville for the NCAA Tournament.”

Adam Josephs, 6 ABC meteorologist and co-host, Philly FYI
“I’m working. I’ve got to film a few segments for FYI, then do the news. But I’m hoping to end my day with a Guinness.”

Kelly Boyd, glamorous public relations executive
“I bought yummy St. Paddy’s Day cupcakes from SuperFresh for my daughters. My girls love the cupcakes there. And one of them is going to be wearing green eyeliner. She’s not usually allowed to wear eyeliner.”

Fergus “Fergie” Carey, owner of Fergie’s, Monk’s, etc
“Ahh, what a dreamy day, rise up around noon to the smell of an Irish Fry — sausages, rashers, black and white pudding, baked beans and fried bread — cooked by my lovely, darling wife. Pop into work for 5 minutes to check if everything is all right, to be sure, to be sure. Then off to Longwood Gardens for an afternoon of frolicking in the greenery with me wife and the wee childers. Home for a civilized meal of minced meat and mashed potatoes. Then off to see a reading of one of my favorite Irish Plays — This Lime Tree Bower by Conor McPherson — at the Pub @ Plays and Players Theatre at 7 p.m. Following that I will head to World Cafe Live to see the amazing traditional Irish musicians Solas. Probably a few pints with the band afterwards then home to practice the ancient Irish art of baby making … In me bleeding dreams maybe, though Solas are playing at WCL and there is a reading of that play at Plays and Players. But the reality of it is that I will go to Fergie’s Pub around noon and not leave there ’till after 2 in the morning, with maybe a short break to see my wife and kids and grab a bite. It’s a lot of work but it’s mostly fun. I have a bagpiper who comes in for most of the night and I sometimes walk him around to some friends’ bars and share the love. I will have a pint of Guinness at the end of the night.”