Specter: Sestak Job Offer Was A Federal Crime

Plus, the webcam case cools off, Lenny Dykstra gets sued, and more of what Philly is yammering about this morning

A Ceasefire in the Webcam Case. Legal teams worked out a one-month waiting period to see if Lower Merion was snooping on any other students. Lawyers: they ruin all the fun [philly.com]

Lenny Dykstra Gets Sued…Over Asking for a BJ. The same week in which the former Phil tried to undeclare bankruptcy. Hard to keep up with you, Nails! [Smoking Gun, WSJ.com]

Specter: Alleged Sestak Job Offer Is A Federal Crime. Sounds like an investigation is necessary. Time to bring the Warren Commission out of retirement? Meanwhile, Single Bullet Man says he’s penning a book [PoliticsPA, USA Today]

Eagles Sign Cornerback Marlin Jackson. No, not the one who used to be in the Jackson 5. [NFL Fanhouse]

Death by Gas Pump? It happened in Camp Hill last week, when static electricity apparently fried a guy. Fortunately, experts say most of us don’t have to worry. Really. [Inquirer]