Philadelphia Magazine’s Fitness Challenge 2010: Meet the Sweat Trainers

Holly Waters
Holly Waters brings passion and joy to the fitness world.  Her philosophy of fun can be found in her personal training sessions, group classes, and her own personal fitness endeavors.  Whether she is out training for Boston (this is her sixth year running), or simply doing a mud run with her gang of fitness friends you can bet she is always having fun.  While Miss Waters was an accomplished collegiate athlete with a lifetime commitment to fitness she understands that everyone is at their own fitness level and can enjoy an active lifestyle regardless of their personal history with fitness.  She brings lifelong fitness experience, along with her addiction to training certificates to continually create dynamic, explosive, and challenging workouts.  Holly is looking forward to working with Devon Montgomery over the next two months in order to jumpstart a life changing love affair with health and fitness.  Holly has recognized a kindred spirit in Devon whose passion and determination mirrors her own.  It is likely this will be an unstoppable duo!

Holly has one motto for life: “Go hard or go home!”    

Meghan Anderson
Meghan Joins the Sweat Fitness team with a BS in Dietetics and Nutrition from West Chester University. As a former competitive basketball player, cross-country runner and soccer player, Meghan knows what it takes to train at a high level.  

As a AAAI/ISMA certified Personal Trainer and Primary Aerobics Instructor specializing in Spinning, Sculpting, Trekking, Abs, and Boot camp, Meghan possesses the tools to help others achieve their goals. Along with her experience coaching basketball, as well as strength and conditioning with athletes, Meghan knows exactly how to motivate others to reach their full potential.

In conjunction with her sports and fitness background and her degree in Dietetics and Nutrition, Meghan is also available for Nutrition consultation to aid in healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals.  

Adarrel Fisher
Adarrel Fisher has been a personal trainer for seven years. He is a former division I collegiate track and field athlete at Southern Methodist University and was a track coach for three years.  His education was actually in Biomedical Engineering, but after three years in corporate America he yearned to return to direct contact with people, so he came back to personal training. He also began volunteering as a prison minister on Sundays.  In personal training, as well as in his prison ministry, he believes you are not only training the body, but that you are also training the mind.  "In order for you to act different you must think different."  

Chris Connors
Chris Connors joins the Sweat Fitness team with a degree in kinesiology and exercise science from the University of Puget Sound.  He was a strength coach for three years for the university football team; ran three marathons; Chris summited Mount Rainier and played college golf.  He loves to snowboard and go scuba diving. Chris is currently a NASM certified Personal Trainer.  
Training for over ten-years, his goal is to keep very active, learn new activities, and live a healthy lifestyle.  Chris’ main goal as a trainer is to help others reach their full potential when it comes to their fitness needs and lifestyle changes.