Taste: Dining Out: Where We’re Eating: Hawthornes

This new all-day cafe, with a large takeout craft beer section and a fireplace-warmed coffeehouse vibe, manages to excel at being all of those things. All-natural bagels are schmeared with lox, cream cheese and capers; quesadillas are layered with turkey, caramelized apples and brie; top-notch coffee is in a French press. At lunch, super-fresh sandwiches are on a baguette or panini-pressed, like the Munchkin (pictured), with pesto, chicken and artichoke hearts. Insider tip: Just ogling the beer selection — organized by region (Africa, Mexico, China, California, PA) — is worth the trip.
738 South 11th Street, Bella Vista, 215-627-3012, hawthornecafe.com.

Where We’re Eating Contributors: Ashley Primis and Victor Fiorillo