Philadelphia Magazine’s Top Dentists 2010: Survey Says

We polled five dentists. Here’s what they say about … everything

3 out of 5 prefer Colgate to Crest.

3 out of 5 think you should chew sugarless gum to help prevent cavities.

0 out of 5 think it’s okay to text in the dentist chair.

2 out of 5 have been grossed out by a patient’s teeth.

5 out of 5 say most patients don’t take care of their teeth properly.

0 out of 5 think you should worry about the mercury in your fillings.

5 out of 5 think you should get the fluoride rinse every time you visit.

5 out of 5 prefer electric toothbrushes to the man-powered versions.

2 out of 5 say swallowing toothpaste can be bad for you.