Philadelphia Magazine’s Top Dentists 2010: Dentist-Approved

Philips Sonicare FlexCare. For: Happier gums. Why: It powers through irritating, bacteria-ridden plaque better than manual toothbrushes, says Pamela Doray, a cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia. Price tag: $130.

Interplak Deluxe Water Jet. For: Debris-free chompers. Why: It flushes out those hard-to-reach places — great for braces, implants and crowns, says Bensalem dentist Jerry Gordon. Price tag: About $60.

Listerine Agent Cool Blue. For: Kids who skimp on tooth-brushing. Why: The pre-brush rinse tints plaque so tykes can see spots they’ve missed, says Bryn Mawr orthodontist Catherine Foote. Price tag: Around $5.

SmartMouth. For: Better breath without the burn. Why: This alcohol-free mouthwash uses zinc-ion technology to obliterate stubborn bad breath, says Exton cosmetic dentist Jonathan Scharf. Price tag: $10.99.