So, You Want To Change Your Name?

You can ask anyone who has legally changed her name: The government-agency-and-bank-filled process is painful, to say the least. Which is why the new, brilliantly conceived is worth way more than the nominal $29.95 it charges. The hassle-free (and hacker-safe) service takes your personal information and fills out all the required forms, in the right order (Social Security, IRS, driver’s license, post office — to name a few), so you don’t have to. They also send out the proper notification letters to your banks, credit cards, utilities and insurance companies. The 30 minutes it takes to register online could save you not only the hours you’d spend in various slow-moving lines, but the intense frustration (and disappearing counter space) of an avalanche of confusing paperwork. The site estimates that in about two weeks (four, for your passport), you’ll officially — and legally — be a new woman.