Philadelphia Magazine’s Fitness Challenge 2010: Devon Montgomery-Bender

A 25-year-old just-married caterer who wants to begin the greatest adventure of her life looking good and feeling great. “I don't feel beautiful because I know I'm not healthy. I want to start my married life as a healthy, beautiful woman.”

So we watched the segment last night and I have to say I must be the hardcore one because I did those segments in my bathing suit with no makeup on. I’m actually really proud of myself, I think it shows to other girls my size that they don’t have to be ashamed of their bodies. I’m proud of all of my accomplishments thus far, and no matter what I’m proud of myself!

Monday, February 22nd – 28th

My day off, and I’m looking forward to spending some time with Fred at home. Lots of temptations today, and I’m happy to say I turned down all of them, including a pear pie with all of this yummy cinnamon. All I keep telling myself is that it’s totally worth it for the results. What is it my friends say “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels”…ya that’s a load of crap but at least it helps.

My friend from college came in today to swim with me. We grabbed lunch at the Reading Terminal and two people stopped me to say that they had seen me on TV. How cool! It seems like I have a growing fan club. It was such a rewarding day. I made some delicious asparagus soup in French Class tonight. What a great end to a great day.

I tried to make it to the Splash ‘N’ Burn class this afternoon. I don’t know if I was more tired or what but I really had trouble keeping up today. I think I am still a little self conscious in that class because it’s more for active swimmers, however, I hope one day that I can rock this class with everyone else. Saw our nutritionist this evening. She seemed really pleased with my progress and said that I am developing a really healthy mindset not only about the competition but about eating in general. That made me feel good. Had my sister over for dinner and made chicken satay with peanut sauce. Ya…it was amazing.

I totally kicked ass in water aerobics today. Ya, all these skinny girls were in the pool but didn’t seem to want to work out. I’m really trying to push myself in this class to maximize my work-out. In this last half of the competition, I am trying to focus on really maximizing my time at the gym. Winning this would really mean a lot to me.

It’s “Work out with Holly Day”. I really love Fridays. Well, I love the idea of training until I get there….then I realize that Holly has been planning to kick my ass all week and today HURT. I was so pumped going in and these circuits really got me down and questioning my abilities. But I pushed through them and really gave it my all, it helped that these guys in the gym were like cheering me on. It’s nice that I have friends in the gym that want me to do well too.