Philadelphia Magazine’s Fitness Challenge 2010: Devon Montgomery-Bender

A 25-year-old just-married caterer who wants to begin the greatest adventure of her life looking good and feeling great. “I don't feel beautiful because I know I'm not healthy. I want to start my married life as a healthy, beautiful woman.”

Hit the gym early today to try and shake off this funk. Catering a party for my sis tonight uber excited.

Got home from the party at 2 and made it to the gym by 8 to get my laps in. Who’s hardcore? I AM! It was totally worth it because I got to enjoy a beautiful Valentines Day with my husband, out first as husband and wife. I definitely felt beautiful and renewed in my commitment to win this!

Monday, February 15th – 21st

Took my day off today, but I am noticing the definition in my arms and back. Looking forward to kicking some more butt this week and lemongrass soup for dinner!

Felt great in water aerobics today, really starting to turn this around. I’m really feeling that in week 4 I have to step up my game if I want to win. Holly and my family are behind me 100% which is helpful, but there isn’t much time left.

Went to make dinner at the Ronald McDonald House today. I have to say that it was really gratifying to cook dinner for people who need a little joy in their lives. It was really nice. I was a little bad and ate a ton of rice, because it was soo tasty. So, when everyone else went to the bars I headed to the gym and closed that place. I really pushed myself tonight and I know I’ll be sleeping well. Sooo tired.

Water aerobics again this morning, but there weren’t that many people so Holly worked us extra hard. I really had to push through it today. My arms were shaking by the end of the workout but I did stay and do some extra laps to stretch and get in some more time at Sweat before heading home. Excited about my workout with Holly tomorrow.

Weighed in and got in my training session with Holly. Weight down, inches down, and BMI down! Whoot! I was so pumped up I beasted my workout with Holly. We really pushed hard to work everything out and when she thought we were done I begged for more. I told her today that I was done pussy footing around these workouts and that for the next 4 weeks we were going to push as hard as we can. I am really pumped to give it all I have.

Woke up sooo stiff and sore this morning. I guess all this butt kicking comes at a price. I headed to the pool to try and do some laps and stretch out my muscles. I ran into the Mommy and Me class and this little girl named Anna was so sweet. She really brightened my morning, which really helped me with my laps. I was excited to get home because some girlfriends are coming over to watch us on Philly FYI. We’ll see how it goes!