Philadelphia Magazine’s Fitness Challenge 2010: Devon Montgomery-Bender

A 25-year-old just-married caterer who wants to begin the greatest adventure of her life looking good and feeling great. “I don't feel beautiful because I know I'm not healthy. I want to start my married life as a healthy, beautiful woman.”

Monday, February 8th – 14th


 Brrr. So cold today and I’m not motivated… Waited for Fred to come home before hitting the gym. It was CRAZY busy. Had to wait for a treadmill on a bike. I don’t like the bikes, they are weird if you’re over 6feet. I did however walk on an incline for 40 minutes and did some crunches. My abs are starting to feel less giggly. Getting filmed tomorrow, kinda nervous since I’ll be in the pool. Thai food for dinner!


Water Aerobics was hilarious today. So many people showed up because it was being filmed. Holly made it extra awesome so it looked good on camera. I tried to wear make-up and keep my hair dry but that’s near impossible during that class. I got interviewed afterwards IN THE POOL. I think I did well but we’ll see how it comes out. I did find out that Jessica thinks I’m her biggest competition. Seems like they wanted us to talk a little smack. I did…but in a very charming way.


 So the snow wasn’t that bad this morning and I talked Fred into going to the gym with me. I took the Splash N Burn swim class and needless to say I got my ass kicked. I forgot that swimming was a whole body workout and it really took a toll on me. I was definitely the slow kid but I felt like I got my heart rate up and burned some calories. I think I could get used to this. It was definitely a blizzard when we left the gym and we made 5 feet from the front door when the car got stuck! I think pushing it out earned me some extra points. Time for some hot soup!


So we all know the snow has caused some problems. We’re pretty snowed in here by the Art Museum. I shoveled out both cars and part of the street before breakfast and felt pretty good. We took the car out around 5 hoping that things had melted enough, WRONG. Got stuck, again! I finally managed to pus the car back into a parking space. Took Dewey for a long walk to the kiddy park and played in the snow with him and Fred. I think I definitely got in a work out. Working out with Holly tomorrow, yay!


I was actually a little depressed today. I weighed in and got my stats and they were higher than I expected. I was working so hard this week and I thought I was doing so well with the eating etc. It was really hard for me to work with Holly after being so disappointed. I feel like it ruined my workout and the rest of my day. It’s really depressing to not see the results you expected especially when you’ve worked so hard for them. Oh well…there is always tomorrow.