Promotion: January’s Advice From the Pros Answers

This month's question: “I don’t want a DJ because I think they’re cheesy. My dad has a band he’s been in since high school, and I wanted to have them play a set or two. Who would announce us coming in as husband and wife and make all the other announcements?”

Eddie Bruce, Eddie Bruce Music: This scenario is a mess waiting to happen. A band your dad was in since high school may be really good and fun, but this is no place for them to jam and have people listen. A band’s (or DJ’s) function at a wedding is to make everyone dance and have a good time and move the party forward at the right pace and dynamic. However, if you choose to do this, be sure someone is designated as the lead "voice" for the evening. Someone experienced in emceeing needs to be in charge of the timing and flow. If the DJ is good at it and not too "cheesy," use him. If there is someone in the band who is comfortable doing it, use them. Whoever is doing this should be the person you spend time with and discuss how your intros should be done, what music will be played when, and what the general timeline for the evening is.

Elizabeth Knox, Director of Catering at The Four Seasons Philadelphia: Although you seem to have encountered some "cheesy" DJs, there are plenty of high-end entertainment companies with experienced DJs who will run a party, coordinate introductions, toasts and specialty dances while maintaining the energy of your party and keeping the guests dancing the night away. Otherwise, if your dad and his band are only playing a set or two, the wedding band you hire in addition would make the necessary announcements. If you don’t have another band, then one of your dad’s band members would need to act as emcee. It would not be appropriate for your father to handle these duties as you will want him to enjoy himself as host and/or guest.