TALK TO US: What Are You Putting On Your Big-Day Menu?

Caterer extraordinaire Jeffrey Miller chimes in, and we’ve got a slideshow of ideas to get you started

We realize it may feel like a lot of pressure when you, your groom, your caterer — and, well, probably your mom, dad, and his mom and dad — sit down to hash out your wedding-day menu. And we understand that it’s a big deal — but truly, this should be fun.

This really should be a place where you can share with your guests something about yourselves: Will your menu reflect your heritage? Your favorite food? The meal you were eating when you knew you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together? Any of these are fabulous inspirations behind the food you’ll serve that day.

Jeffrey Miller, owner of the eponymous catering company featured at oodles of this area’s finest venues, agrees with using such meaningful reasons as the motivation for your menu choices, and says their job is to get a sense from the couple of how they see themselves on their wedding day — and what sort of mood they’re trying to create for their whole event. That could mean a flavorful barbeque buffet for a fun, outdoorsy wedding, or a rack of lamb for a black tie event, “and we always ask about incorporating ethnic dishes or seasonings,” he says. “Often times, we’ll even get special family recipes from the couple and reproduce those.”

So let your imagination — or memories — run wild, and let your caterer help guide you to the best meal you’ll ever eat. And check out “World’s Fare,” from our spring/summer issue of Philadelphia Wedding to see three different cuisines created by three different Philly caterers sure to get your creative juices flowing — and your mouth watering.