Taste: Dining Out: Dinner With: Marty Grims

Owner, White Dog, Chew Man Chu and a bunch of other places

Number of restaurants you own: Once I open the Wayne White Dog and Timber in Abington, 10. How your cooking skills compare to your entrepreneurial skills: I can cook, but I usually eat whatever my wife cooks. Restaurants you miss: Apropos on Broad, La Panetière, and DiLullo, where Estia is now. Food phobias: Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and sweet potatoes. If it annoys you that people don’t dress up for dinner these days: I think it’s great, the whole casualization. It’s about the food, not the clothes. How difficult “Buy Fresh, Buy Local” really is: The premise is “Whenever possible.” Preferred pizza topping: Grilled onions. Vidalia or yellow: Sounds good. Most memorable food destination: My honeymoon in 1989. We ate at Frédy Girardet’s in Switzerland, Joël Robuchon’s Jamin in Paris, and Ducasse’s restaurant in Monte Carlo. Last time you ate from a food truck: Cornell. Johnny’s Hot Truck. 1983. Most overlooked area restaurant: Moshulu. Other than your own: Nothing comes to mind.