Sports: Ray Emery’s Biggest Save

Think Michael Vick is the only athlete in town looking for redemption? Meet the Flyers’ new goalie — the T.O. of hockey

AT THE FLYERS’ youth hockey camp, after the kids finally give up on the fighting questions, Emery grabs a stick and takes a few shots on the goaltenders. A year ago, he wasn’t getting invites to speak to kids. He knows the importance of this season.

“If it goes bad here, there’s a good possibility there’s nowhere to play after that,” he says. “I’m pretty confident that I’m going to do well, but I know from the past that the only way to make sure of that is to take advantage of it and work for everything.”

Emery leaves the practice rink and heads out to his Lambo. He turns the engine over, and it growls like a caged lion. With the top down, Emery snakes out of the parking lot and merges onto I-95 south. It’s midday, and he has open lanes to choose from. For a guy with a lead foot and a fast car, this highway is pure temptation. Instead of cutting loose, Emery stays to the right, obeying all posted speed limits and signaling when he changes lanes. As minivans pass him by, Razor doesn’t care about how he looks. He’s only focused on what lies ahead.