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Out on the Main Line, it’s hot pastrami at 20 paces

It was mass panic back in July among Murray’s deli loyalists when the Bala Cynwyd institution closed its doors for renovations. The place had been bought a year earlier by George and Joseph Wakim (who also own the popular Lebanese restaurant Al Dar), but buzz nevertheless had Murray’s succumbing to the Sharks-vs.-Jets rivalry it had engaged in for years with Hymie’s — that other Jewish deli/institution, located across the street. But rumors were just that: Murray’s reopened last month with a new sheen and an old-school big-city-deli vibe — plus a beer license. All of which means the improved Murray’s might give Hymie’s — which underwent its own revamp a few years back, to the delight of its loyalists — a new run for its money. For anyone keeping score at home, here’s the latest tally in the ongoing deli arms race.