Pulse: Chatter: Q&A: Will Shortz

The New York Times/NPR puzzlemaster treks to Philly for the Sudoku National Championship on October 24th. (No, he won’t stay to solve the city’s budget stumper.)

What’s the secret to your genius? Mozart? People assume that because I have intellectual work, I like opera and classical music. But I’m really a garage-rock kind of guy.

Is there anything you’re particularly bad at? Three-dimensional puzzles.

I cannot solve Rubik’s Cube.

Even after all these years? I like my puzzles in two dimensions.

Don’t you think you should put that mind to work for social good? It’s just as important as any other job. Puzzles promote mental skills, relax and refresh the mind, even delay the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Now that I have your cell, can I call you on Sunday if I get into a jam? Sure, anytime. I’ll be your free 900-number clue line.