WHAT WE’RE SHOPPING FOR: Over-the-Knee Boots

Fashion editor Carrie Denny is on the hunt for her perfect pair

So, as we mentioned in our fall fashion coverage in the September issue (remember this outfit?), over-the-knee boots are one of footwear’s most prominent trends this season. There’s a billion and a half different versions out there — leather; suede; ones with heels; ones with platforms; ones that you can cuff below the knee, if you so choose; and ones that cling tight, coming up to thigh-height, making them almost double as leggings. The ones I’m looking for? I want flat ones. That come up just over my knee — I don’t think my lifestyle really has a place for the thigh-high ones! Happily, there are oodles of choices out there for me — I hardly know where to start.

Here’s what I’m thinking, for now …