Ask the Expert: Reception Slideshows

Eventions’ Brian Toner sheds some light on some high-tech entertainment

Question: I was at a wedding recently where there was a giant screen, and pictures and video of the couple — from their past, and even from earlier that day — played on it throughout the reception. How do I go about getting that for my reception? How does that work?

Answer: This is the type of thing for which you really need someone who knows what they’re doing, especially when it comes to installing the equipment. When it’s done right, it’s really an awesome addition to a reception, says Brian Toner, owner of Eventions Productions, an event engineering company based in Aston.

You’ll want to think of the screen’s placement, size, and video quality, says Toner, not to mention the content. “You need to put a lot of time and thought into what is being shown,” he says. “A two-minute slideshow gets very boring after being seen for the 30th time in the first hour of the reception.” And of course, you never want to have a blank screen. Talk to your photographer about including pictures, such as still-lifes and portraits from earlier in the wedding day, shots of your invitations, etc. “Live video coverage can also be a great addition,” says Toner, “but it should be used sparingly.” After all, probably not too many of your guests would appreciate being filmed as they work their way through your filet mignon.    

Prices tend to start around $1,000 for a typical five-hour reception.