TALK TO US: What Are Your Big-Day Glamour Plans?

Check out the work of these six talented local hair and makeup artists to get the inspiration rolling

We know that when it comes to big wedding-day decisions, no amount of matching table linens to centerpieces or comparing and contrasting calligraphy styles is going to remotely hold a candle to trying to figure out how on earth you’re going to wear your hair, what the perfect dressed-up but not overly done-up makeup look is that you should rock — and who, exactly, is going to do both of these things for you on your wedding day. So we thought we’d help.

One rule of thumb we’ve heard time and time again from some of Philly’s best hair and makeup artists is this: On your wedding day, you should still look like yourself — just a better version of yourself. Otherwise, you’ll look at the pictures years from now and wonder what you were thinking: A French twist? Really? And maybe even more importantly, in the few months leading up to your wedding, do not — we repeat, do not — try anything drastic with your hair. No new bangs. No trying out red. Just leave it. If there’s not enough time before your wedding to grow out an experimental disaster, you’ll never forgive yourself. Just let it be.

To help get your juices flowing, we thought we’d show you three completely different looks — each created by a local hair stylist and makeup artist team — we just love for wedding-day looks. And the best part: If you like what you see here, just call ’em up. They’re in Philly, and they’re waiting to make you shine.

What are you finding hardest about choosing your hair and makeup? Got any tips for other brides? Tell us in the comments below!