ON THE HOMEFRONT: Philadelphian Furniture

Our resident home expert is all over Area 919’s NoLibs exhibit of locally designed furniture

We always feel less guilty about big purchases when said purchases were literally made (as in, constructed) nearby. After all, we’re just supporting the local economy, and who can argue with that?

So, you can see why we’re extra excited about Furnished Raw, the exhibit of edgy, modern furniture designed and built by our fellow artisan-Philadelphians going on right now at Area 919 (yet another studio/gallery/space made out of yet another industrial building/warehouse/machine shop — in Northern Liberties, of course). Plus, every piece — benches, coffee tables, chairs, and lighting — is an example of repurposing or recycling materials. Wallet: There’s no stopping you now! 919 North 5th Street (at Poplar), 215-627-3311. www.area919.com