SWEAT TEST: The Power-Yoga Lunch Hour at Yoga Sutra

Should you do it or ditch it? We try out area classes so you don’t have to waste time — or money — on workouts that don’t make the grade

What we want: A hardcore yoga routine that can fit inside a lunch hour

What we tried: The 12:15 to 1 p.m. power yoga class at Yoga Sutra on Wednesday, June 25th

Who was teaching: Terryann Haggins

Student/teacher ratio when we dropped by: 1:7

Lockers/Showers: Yes — nice ones, complete with a blow-dryer and other little helpful items to make your primping after class a bit easier.

What we loved: The nonstop flow and the seemingly endless number of chaturangas — tank-top arms, here we come — and the awesome view of the Bellevue building that we got to gaze at while holding our poses.

Did we sweat?: You betcha. There were drops — lots of them — all over the mat, and we couldn’t get away without showering before heading back to work!

Do it or Ditch it: Do it. Not only did we feel awesome after class and energized for the rest of the workday, but we were slightly sore the day after — NOT an easy task to accomplish, as many lunch-hour yoga classes are more Zen-filled than sweat-filled. And Terryann did it in 45 minutes!

Weigh In: Have you tried this class? Tell us what you thought! And if you have a class you loved or hated, let us know. We could run your Sweat Test in an upcoming newsletter.

$14 drop-in, $68-180 for 5, 10, or 20 class cards, $150 monthly unlimited; Yoga Sutra Philadelphia, 1401 Walnut, 2nd floor, 215-640-0909, yogasutraphilly.com