Fitness Programs That Can Whip You — and Your Golf Game — Into Shape

Our favorite local golf-geared fitness programs

The program: Body Balance for Performance

How it works: You’ll be put through a series of 12 strength, mobility, balance, and flexibility tests to find out what’s holding you back on the greens. They’ll also use a 3-D motion analysis system to evaluate the amount of rotation in different parts of your body to later modify your posture and enhance your swing They’ll create a custom program that’ll get your fitness level back to par or sharpen your shape for peak performance.

Details: Golf Performance Evaluation, $300; B3 Supercharged Golf Fitness Program, $750/11 session; Master’s, Hybrid, and group session priced based on personal needs and goals; 701 E. Elm Street, Suite 100, Conshohocken, 610-940-3835,


The program: Training Inc. Golf Fitness

How it works: Training Inc.’s motto is, “Add yards to your drive, and years to your game!” And their fitness philosophy stresses both overall health as well as strength and conditioning. Services range from movement screenings to evaluate mobility and stability to 2-D swing analyses aimed at pinpointing swing faults to personal training sessions that target specific areas of weakness. One-on-one, semi-private, and clinical sessions, as well as a web-based home program, are available, so time constraints are no longer an excuse.

: Individual services, $100 – $200; all-inclusive private sessions, $360 & up/month; semi-private instruction, $200 & up/month; clinics, $20 per person; 22 N. Bryn Mawr Ave., Bryn Mawr, 610-525-0225,

The program: Billy T’s Golf Fitness Training

How it works: If your body is holding you back, pounding buckets of balls or loads of lessons won’t cut it. Through a series of 13 tests, Billy T’s instructors will identify your areas of physical limitation and relate them to your swing. A customized, corrective exercise program will then be created just for you. Hands-on training help you shape your body and your shots.

: Par Package, $175; Birdie Package, $310; Eagle Package, $450; 723 Talamore Dr., Ambler, 215-512-9321,

The program: Fitness Together

How it works: Reshaping your golf game will start with assessments of mobility, strength, flexibility, and stability. “Our number one goal is to eliminate injuries,” says owner Bruce Kelly. “Once we get rid of any pain, the real work of increasing performance can start. You have to take an overall approach to your body.” To get you playing your best, Kelly will use everything from traditional weight training and plyometrics to advanced stretching techniques.

Details: $150 for initial assessment, $60 – $72 for customized personal training sessions; 115 W. State St., Media, 610-565-2007,