Ask the Expert: Yikes! What Do I Do About My Bridesmaid’s Tattoo?

Mark Kingsdorf tells us how to ask your bridesmaid — ever-so-nicely, of course — if she can please cover up that tat.

Question: One of my ‘maids has a very noticeable tattoo on her upper arm that I’d rather not have jumping out in my wedding photos. It’ll be way too hot to have them wear wraps, so she’d have to use makeup — how do I ask her if she can please cover it up without offending her?

Answer: This conundrum is easiest handled if you happen to be providing a makeup artist to beautify your ‘maids on your Big Day, says Mark Kingsdorf, wedding planner and owner of The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants in Philadelphia. “You can ask the makeup artist to bring along an airbrush to spray on the foundation — which works really well — and then approach your friend ahead of time, tell her that you’ll be providing this service before the wedding, and that you were hoping she might consider letting them use the airbrush to cover up her tattoo,” he says. “If you’re the one paying for the service, you can afford to be just a little more forceful.” Don’t be demanding, be subtle, he says, and, “If all else fails, don’t make yourself crazy — simply ask your photographer to be cautious of her tattoo in posed group shots.“