Pulse: Chatter: Brooke De la Villanova: High Society

Just back from the high-glam nuptials of Casey Glass, great-granddaughter of the founder of Boyds, and dashing Lyle Slivka at Palm Beach’s stately Mar-a-Lago, which mercifully does not yet have Donald Trump’s name above the entrance. The Vera Wang-clad bride and her 350 closest feasted on filet and lobster while watching Edgar lead me in a mad tango to the sounds of the Powerhouse band. Now we’re waiting for a dinner invite from the happy couple, who netted $6,700 in gold Jean Louis Coquet dinnerware from their registry. Bon appetit! … It’s certain to be an unforgettable wedding when It Girl Sabrina Tamburino weds auto-parts czar Steve Thorne on Halloween. The bride, a gal pal of Phillies first lady Jen Utley, is reportedly mulling a Venetian ball theme. Will Monica Malpass, whom the groom sued to get the ring back after their ’06 engagement went phooey, crash in a Venetian mask? How Les Liaisons Dangereuses, dumplings!