Best of Philly Nominations

Bridget here. For the second year, I’m a proud member of our Best of Philly food team (along with food editor Ashley Primis, critic Joy Manning and a smattering of foodie staffers).

In our Best of Philly experience, it’s the hidden neighborhood gems that produce the best iconic Philly eats — which is why our research for those categories (we’re talking cheesesteaks, roast pork, water ice) is usually the most extensive. Rightly so: The steaks (sorry, couldn’t resist) are high in these categories; Philadelphians are passionate about their eats, and these are the foods that define us as a region.

So, this year, while formulating our eating plan, we had an idea: Why not reach out to our new foodie friends for some tips? (That’s you, btw.) As the team and I discuss our personal faves, scour the city’s food blogs, and make lots of calls, I’m asking you, Restaurant Clubbers, to weigh in. Where do you go for roast pork? Who beats out Jim’s and Geno’s in your book? Yeah, we all love Famous 4th Street’s chocolate chip cookies, but is there a hidden gem whipping out gotta-have-’em cookies in your ’hood?

Let’s hear your suggestions for cheesesteaks, roast pork hoagies, cookies, pretzels, water ice, and ice cream in the comments below (or e-mail me at and we’ll get to tasting.