Pulse: Pursuits: Q&A: Mark Segal

With all the gay goings-on this month — Equality Forum, the Mr. Gay Philadelphia contest, the Black Gay Pride fest — it seemed a good time to check in with the Philadelphia Gay News publisher

Gay. Queer. What is the right word these days?  It depends on the age group. I mean, some still use “homophile”! “Queer” for many people my age is uncomforting, but younger people want to reclaim it. I’m happy with “gay” or “queer.”
Anyone you’d like to out? There are some really evil people in this city — some I know are gay. If I believed in outing, I’d love to.
We’ve got a black guy in the White House. Will we ever see a gay? We’ve already had two: the worst in history, Buchanan, and the best — Lincoln. You should read his love letters to the three men in his life.
Do you have to be gay to work at the Gay News? They’re looked down on, but we do hire openly heterosexual people. Why, you looking?