Philadelphia Dietitian Katie Cavuto

This Philadelphia dietitian and personal chef brings healthier, homemade bites right to your door

Eating habits need some rehab? Been dieting without success? Katie Cavuto’s personal chef skills and nutritional counseling might help you fit into those skinny jeans. A registered dietician with an associate degree in culinary arts and a BA in culinary nutrition, she’ll do everything from deliver healthy meals to your doorstep to teach you how to eat for long-term health and a smaller pants size (she’s based out of Philly but will travel to the Main Line and Jersey). “I’ve had some meal-delivery clients for over a year, but for others it’s a luxury service that they use for certain times, like after having a baby,” says Cavuto, who bases recipes around local, seasonal foods, and buys organic whenever possible.

For nutritional clients, she’ll peek in pantries, rate packaged foods and give tips for better buys next time you’re at the store—she’ll even tag along on shopping trips to help you sort the real health food from the imposters. And though she’s a believer in whole, unrefined foods, don’t think you have to give up your favorite treats. “If I take anyone’s favorite foods out of their diet forever, they’re never going to stick with it,” she says. “I would much rather eat the Oreo than a 100-claorie pack of Oreo cardboard.”

Many clients start with a nutritional consultation and supplement with meal delivery until they learn the basics. “After a few weeks of meal delivery, many people decide they want to learn to cook some of these things, so I go in-home and start turning the reins over to them. I really try to facilitate lifestyle changes.”

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