Health: Cheap Yoga (That Doesn’t Feel Cheap)

Yoga for $7? Talk about stress-busting!

The economy has us all scrambling to tighten our belts — see our February roundup of 68 Awesome Ways to Spend Less — but cutting your budget by cutting back at the gym is the last thing your body needs right now. But even I, a self-proclaimed yoga addict who knows I need to de-stress to feel my best, have been rolling out my mat at my favorite studio less than usual: The $14-a-hit price tag a little too costly on top of my regular gym membership.

But NoLibs’ Sankhya Yoga School and Wellness Center believes that your wellbeing comes first and that you need regular mat sessions to really reap the tummy-tightening, limb-lengthening, stress-busting benefits. The price? $7 a pop for yoga and Pilates classes.

These guys deserve a medal. And if gold wasn’t such a high commodity right now, we might just give them one. That said, you know where you’ll see us rolling out our mats until the economy decides to play fair.