Web Original: Where We’re Eating: Thai Chef & Noodle

I was skeptical when a frequent lunch companion suggested we try Thai Chef & Noodle Fusion, a brand new spot (opened a week ago) that replaced Chinese takeout place Peking Chinese. After all, Philly is not exactly a Thai town. (When I want Thai, I go to Phoenixville’s Thai L’Elephant.) But after one quick lunch at Thai Chef, I can tell you: I will be back, and soon.

Between the aquatically decorated walls, I enjoyed a bright, sour and pleasantly fishy tom yum soup, a pair of crisp and comforting fried dumplings, and a respectable chicken pad Thai. The service was swift and friendly, though a bit linguistically challenged (the “extra spicy chicken pad Thai” I ordered came out as shrimp pad Thai, devoid of any chilies — two problems that were quickly righted). My meal came to $8.95, and was way more than enough for one person’s lunch.

In addition to all of the Thai staples, Thai Chef offers larb (Cambodian), pho (Vietnamese), mee goreng (Indonesian), yakisoba (Japanese), and even an alligator dish. I have a feeling that Thai Chef should stick to Thai food, but they’ve already shot down my skepticism once, so we’ll see.