Web Original: Center City Slim Down: Five Guys

Don’t let five minutes at Five Guys ruin your waistline

You might start off your day with the best intentions, but fast-forward four hours, and that willpower has faded under the weight of never-ending conference calls and an inbox a mile long. Pair that gnawing in your belly with a co-worker steering you toward the line at Five Guys Burgers and Fries, and it’s no wonder you end up consuming 1,000 calories that your office-bound self really can’t afford.

But you don’t have to gain five pounds each time you step in the door. Follow these slimming tips the next time you’re jonsing for one of their famous burgers.

[sidebar]The Burger
A Regular Cheeseburger (topped with mushrooms, peppers, onions, jalapeños, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, and pickles, of course) will run your body a hefty 1,106 calories and 70 g of fat — an average 2,000-calorie diet should only have 20-35 g of fat for the entire day!

For a lighter lunch, order a Little Burger (that’s with one patty), skip the cheese (one slice tacks on an additional 70 calories) and say no to mayo. Switching to mustard will save you a whopping 100 calories. This version of your lunch will run 586 calories, 28 g fat. Not the best, but defnitely doable for a burger fix.

The Fries
Believe it or not, a regular order of these freshly cut fries is 620 calories, 30 g of fat and 78 g of carbohydrates. So, unless you are ordering them for the table, steer clear of ’em. And if you can’t say no, consider only eating half, or ditching the roll of your burger to compensate.

The Drink
It doesn’t take a genius to know the best bet is that bottle of water. But if you have to order a coke, take it to go. Those free refills will have you downing excess calories — a 24-ounce Coke has almost 300!