Web Original: Where I’m Eating: Pub & Kitchen

While he was executive chef at Snack Bar, Jonathan MacDonald delved into the realm of molecular gastronomy in his creative dishes. But the menu he’s recently unveiled at Pub & Kitchen is precisely the opposite.

Pub & Kitchen takes its cues from New York City’s Spotted Pig. Both restaurants have a barnyard animal as an icon — a pig — though P&K’s is technically a "pabbit," or a cross between a pig and a rabbit. Both feature a selection of "bar snacks" which include deviled eggs, liver toast and "roll mops" (usually pickled herring and onion). And, if my first visit to Pub & Kitchen is any indication, both serve utterly delicious casual food in a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Try the hearty Windsor burger (topped with crispy pork belly and served on a perfectly squishy bun), or the decadent lobster BLT.