Street Style: Week 1: September 5, 2008

hitting the pavement these days to find fabulously stylish Philadelphians

Hi! Nice to e-meet you.

I’m Carrie Denny, the fashion editor at Philly Mag, and I’ve recently added the label of street-walker to my job description. No, the magazine is not low on cash — I’m hitting the pavement these days to find fabulously stylish Philadelphians. I’ll wander all around the area, accosting innocent, well-dressed people on their lunch hours and errand-running, ask them to pose for pictures in their lovely clothes, accessories, etc. I don’t care if you’re boho chic or office chic or motorcycle chic or what have you — if you’ve got on an amazing outfit, I’ll probably stop you. Why? Because Philly is stylish, and I’m going to prove it; because it’s fun to get out there and see what people are buying and plucking from their closets each morning; and because it’s fun to check out what other people are wearing, and, well, you look creepy eyeing people up in public, whereas I have a very official business card and professional camera that lets me get away with it.

And you won’t find me alone: Each time I’m out, I will be accompanied by a very cheery and willing colleague who will help me fumble with my notebook, pen, release form, camera, and camera parts — not to mention act as another very discerning pair of eyes on the lookout for clothes we want to steal.

Hope you enjoy my first foray into the streets … and, by any means, if you’ve got a particularly stylish corner to recommend I stand on, do send it along.

Date: September 5, 2008
Partner in crime: Lifestyle Editor Ashley “Where’d the Lens Cap Go?” Primis