Good Life: Luxuries: Water World

An inside look at A.C.'s newest — and swankiest — hotels.

When a hotel opening in A.C. proclaimed it was setting a new standard for glamorous accommodations this side of the Delano, we were skeptical. Believe it or not, the months-old Water Club is living up to its swanky rep. VP and GM Drew Schlesinger (at right; he’s a Mount Airy native) calls the property “an aspirational lifestyle hotel,” and he’s right. In other words, it’s giving new meaning to the term “splashy.” Here, the evidence.

While all 762 rooms have orchids, the 38 suites get fresh-cut rose bouquets swapped in twice a week. Weekly floral price tag: $18,000.


The much-touted Immersion Spa not only has a pool, but 36,000 — yes, we said thousand — square feet of relaxation space. Bonus: killer views of Brigantine’s shore.

TWC is the only hotel in North America to boast toiletries from Ermenegildo Zegna — but you’ll have to stay in the suites to get ’em. Regular folks have to somehow get by with Provence-based L’Occitane.

An overnight in one of the two just-opened 4,500-square-foot suites will set you back a cool $15K. Among the amenities: a baby grand, a pool table, and a home theater with a 70-inch LCD screen.