Pulse: Chatter: Brooke de la Villanova: High Society June 2008

Real estate is no fun these days, dumplings — unless you’re  Alex Plotkin, the man making Edgar fat with all those filets at Chops. (Delish!) He’s halfway through a redo of Betsy Cohen’s old two-story Rittenhouse condo, which he snapped up in February. Star architect and pal Cecil Baker swung by to peruse the fireplaces and 30-foot ceilings (in a non-official capacity, of course). We can only hope we’re invited for snacks when it’s done! … Another primo invite will surely be to the Parc Rittenhouse rooftop terrace of tycoon Ira Lubert, being designed by Gabrielle Snyder, new bride of hunky entrepreneur Matthew Canno. (Gaby designed Matt’s terrace across the Square, avec movie screen and seating!) No doubt Ira’s first guest will be gal pal Martha Snider (ex of Ed) — or perhaps we can all just meet at Matt’s for a screening of Cinema Paradiso (his fave). Edgar, pass the popcorn!