Pulse: 60-Second Critic: Extravagance: Doggie Diner

Doggie Diner
215-735-2423; getdoggiediner.com

A delivery service specializing in comfort food for Fifi may sound a smidge overindulgent, but unlike, say, dog dyeing or a pawdicure, a meal from Doggie Diner — a Yardley-based biz that delivers homemade dishes like “turkey muttloaf” (with hunks of veggies and meat) and “Kipper’s Fish Sticks” (like pretzel rods, with fish oil) — is a treat your dog will actually care about. Three out of four pups who sampled the suppers (cooked up by sisters Gayle and Melissa Lizerbram) went ­berserk for them, and though D.D. isn’t cheap ($4.50 to $7 a pop, plus a $4.99 delivery fee) and meals are a tad time-consuming (first thaw, then heat), health-conscious ­recipes will help Spot squeeze into his sweaters come fall (if you insist). Grade: B+