Pulse: Power: How Not to Take a Compliment

The New York Times loves us. Why aren’t we okay with that?

In August, the New York Times ran a story on the front page of the Sunday Styles section about how cool Philadelphia is. Headlined “The Next Borough,” it claimed New Yorkers are migrating here because there’s great art and music and affordable real estate. What praise! A potential boost to our economy! And, of course, a perfect opportunity for Philadelphians to poop on themselves. The article sent the Philly blog scene into a self-loathing tizzy. Here are some of the choice posts.

“ … we don’t like it when people talk s*** about our city … ”|

“ … another reason to see Philly going downhill … New Yorkers.”
—That Dude from Philly

“Definitely an insult to any self-respecting Philadelphian.”
—Nicole J.

“…no one gives a damn, nor should anyone give a damn what the New York papers write about us.”

“My brother just rented a rowhouse in Fishtown to a bunch of women moving from NYC who acted like they were getting the Taj Mahal for their $1,200 a month. Suckas.”
—Citizen Mom

“ … make sure to tell these transplants-to-be that their car insurance is going to be way more expensive in Philly.”

—strng hlkngtn