Taste: Trend: Sriracha’s Hot

If you’ve slurped pho on Washington Avenue, then you know Sriracha, that bright red condiment with a rooster on the bottle. But the spicy-sweet sauce, made of chiles, garlic and sugar, has been breaking out of its Vietnamese-restaurant typecasting. First we saw it at South Street’s Tritone, where many diners eschew the 50 other hot sauces for Sriracha, using it to oomph up everything from gumbo to buffalo chops. Then we watched as a group in a neighborhood bar squirted it all over a takeout pizza, drinking lots of beer to soothe the burn. And at the Abbaye in Northern Liberties, we found a grilled sandwich layered with Sriracha, apples, bacon and peanut butter. So what’s next, a Srirachatini?