Pulse Style: Ragas Report: Test Drive: The Micro Touch Trimmer

WHAT: A hair remover for men.

HOW IT WORKS: It’s as simple as it seems on the late-night commercials.  You throw in a triple-A battery, flip the switch, and say “Sayonara!” to unwanted hair, from your brow to your nose to your … well, as the booklet says, it’s “gentle enough to use on the most sensitive areas.” 

THE PROS: I never once got my skin caught in the tiny blades. And I imagine that my wife finds me more desirable without hair sprouting from my ears, nostrils and knuckles.  I even suspect she’s been using the Micro Touch on herself.

THE CONS: The wonder wand seems pretty shoddily constructed, so I wouldn’t want to drop it on my bathroom tile too much.  But the real danger here is that once you start removing hair, it’s hard to stop.

PRICE: $9.95 at area Wal-Marts.