Pulse: Style: Ragas Report: Shop Talk: Smak Parlour

Twenty-six-year-old best friends Abby Kessler and Katie Loftus, who met when they were 15, are the adorable design duo behind Old City’s latest girly boutique. Bouncy and brunette, with wide smiles and perfectly smudged eye shadow, the pair could sell their streety, one-of-a-kind wares just by wearing them around town. Instead, the pals parlayed their Lansdale-born friendship, Drexel fashion degrees, jobs in New York’s garment district, and three years of sewing and wholesaling their line of silk-screened tanks and tees into building a shop dedicated solely to their own designs. Each limited-edition raspberry-print halter top, one-of-a-kind gingham-lined blazer and sweetly striped pleated skirt is sewn on the premises. Kessler and Loftus have prettied up the place with painted vintage furniture, displays of Skeem candles, Betsey Johnson bags and Tarina Tarantino jewelry. The result: Smak Parlour is as cute as its owners.
Smak Parlour, 219 Market Street; 215-625-4551.