Trips That Will Change Your Life

Here are four vacation getaways that will give back long after the tan fades

Ahhh … vacation. Time to get away, to relax, to focus on nothing but yourself for a change. (Go on … you’ve earned it!) And as luck would have it, making the most of that precious you-time has never been easier. Because this season, the hottest spots to hit are about a new kind of self-indulgence — one that goes beyond hot tubs and hot-stone massages, that leaves you with something a little more lasting than just a margarita habit and a few extra pounds.

This year, we found four fabulous destinations that don’t just offer the good life while you’re there (Massages! Mountain hikes! Breakfast in bed!), but promise a better life after you leave. (Lose weight! Gain clarity! De-stress … for good!)
Here, four getaways that give back long after the tan fades:

Become a Believer

Be the Next Rachael Ray

Uncover the Real You

Never Be Anxious Again